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Global Blindness to Triple by 2050

A recent report by the Lancet predicts that cases of blindness will rise globally from 36 million to 56 million by 2050.

An increase in ageing population is the primary cause for such an increase. The report demonstrates a strong link between visual impairment and ageing, and as life expectancy continues to rise, the numbers of people suffering from blindness are forecast to increase proportionally, the report found. If funding does not increase, this prediction may become a reality.

Visual impairment can severely affect quality of life, from driving to reading, sight problems can reduce independence and require help from others to complete everyday tasks.

In order to help combat the rise in blindness, the report recommends investment in treatments such as cataract surgery and providing corrective prescription glasses to those who need them.

With improved health systems in place in developing countries and more professionals trained in eye health issues, eye care issued could be addressed more effectively.



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