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Hope for Dry Eye Sufferers with New Blood Drops

A new way of treating dry eyes is being trialled at Moorfields Eye Hospital, as reported in the Eye recently. By using a finger prick of patient’s own blood in eye drops, symptoms of dry eye such as redness and itchiness have been shown to be reduced.

Dry eye is a common disorder of the tear film and causes a wide range of symptoms including blurry vision, sensitivity to light and gritty, uncomfortable eyes. Dry eye can affect anyone, becoming more common as we age. Diseases that prevent tears forming can cause dry eye such as rheumatoid arthritis and collagen vascular disease.

Traditionally, artificial tears or eye drops have been used as treatment for dry eyes. However, eye drops lack the biological nutrients found in real tears. Blood is potentially a more effective replacement, which is why this technique could work effectively to hydrate the eyes. This could be a huge advancement in the treatment of dry eye as the treatment is cheap, with no currently reported side effects.

There is hope that the new blood eye drops will alleviate dry eye symptoms far more effectively than previous treatments. Consultant ophthalmologist, Anant Sharma, who works at Moorfields Eye Centre at Bedford Hospital, told Optometry Times that the method was a “potential game changer” in the treatment of dry eye.

It is also hoped that conditions such as ulcers, infections and corneal erosion syndrome could be improved by such treatment.

As well as eye drops, other ways to improve dry eye symptoms include: avoiding long periods of reading or looking at screens, drinking more water and cleansing your eyes daily.


An eye examination is a vital health check and should be part of everyone’s regular health care.


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