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Looking After Your Eyes in the Sun

Let’s face it, most of us in the UK are deprived of vitamin D for the majority of the year.  That’s why, when the sun does come out, we want to make the most it. Sunny warm days are for spending outdoors, lounging in the garden, parks or at the seaside. Which explains the number of lobster-red faces you might see on a Monday morning after a weekend of sunshine! This is in spite of the known dangers of sunburn, which we know can cause skin damage and even cancer. So, we are taking care of our eyes any better than our skin?

Here’s the serious health warning you should pay attention to: the sun can burn your eyes as well as your skin. Sun damage is linked to the growth of certain types of tumours – according to Cancer Research, the incidence of eye cancer in the UK has increased by 14% since the 1990s. UV light exposure can cause cataracts,  inflammation of the cornea and even macular degeneration. To avoid this damage, it is vital that you look after your eyes when you’re outside on sunny days – yes, even in the UK.

When out in the sun, remember to wear your sunglasses and make sure they have adequate UV protection. If you are going to be on the water, you might want polarised lenses to prevent glare, such as Maui Jim glasses which are all polarised. Slap on the suncream and don’t forget to re-apply regularly. Wearing a wide-brimmed hat will also protect the eyes and face from the sun.

For further advice on prescription sunglasses, read our sunglasses page.

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