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What causes Glaucoma?

World Glaucoma Week

What is glaucoma and how can it be treated? For World Glaucoma week, we will be raising awareness of this common eye condition, which damages the optic nerve and can cause permanent eye damage.

Glaucoma often shows no symptoms in the early stages and once sight is lost, it cannot be recovered. This is why it is so important to have regular eye tests, where any abnormalities can be picked up by a professional.


Glaucoma is caused by a number of factors, which can include:

  • Increased internal pressure of the eye when fluid is unable to successfully drain
  • Poor blood flow to the eye
  • Genetic factors (family history, etc)

These factors can damage the optic nerve and affect the peripheral vision. Surprisingly, this condition often goes unnoticed by the patient; it can lead to blindness if left untreated.

Many people with glaucoma do not experience pain or symptoms of increased pressure. However, you may be at risk if:

  • You are over 40 years of age
  • You have a family history of glaucoma
  • You are at increased risk of health conditions such as diabetes

Our eye care professionals recommend you to visit your optometrist every year for a complete eye examination to ensure diagnosis and treatment before a visual loss occurs.


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