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Contact Lens Test

Whitby & Co Opticians in London – Contact Lens Appointments with Experts

At Whitby & Co, we will find the right contact lenses for you.

What to expect 

you contact lens appointment include additional tests to a routine eye test:

  • Your Optometrist will review the types of lenses available, suitable for your visual requirements
  • Several eye measurements will be taken. These include:
    • The corneal curvature measurement – to ensure the lens curve aligns with the eye
    • Pupil and iris measurement
  • An anterior eye examination will be carried out to ensure the eye is healthy and suitable for contact lens wear
  • Once the recommended type of lens has been agreed, the Optometrist will help you fit the lens of your choice
  • Any issues with the fitting can be reviewed in the course of your appointment, and alternative options considered
  • If it is your first time wearing contact lenses, you will be shown how to insert, remove and clean your new lenses safely and correctly
  • For follow-up appointments, your eyelids and the front of your eye will be examined for any changes arising from contact lens wear, and any modifications to your choice of lens, or lens care regime, will be considered

When trying out new lenses, we can often provide a complimentary trial supply. This is normally followed by a follow-up appointment to assess whether your chosen lens choice is suitable and problem-free before formally prescribed.  This is the best way to ensure you are happy with your choice of contact lens, your lenses are well-tolerated and meet your daily needs.

Booking Your Contact Lens Test Appointment

  • Contact lens appointments can either be booked individually or follow an eye examination
  • Combined contact lens and eye examination appointments last one hour and a contact lens appointment is 30 minutes
  • For follow-up contact lens appointments, make sure you’re wearing your contact lenses – wear them for at least an hour prior to the start of the appointment.
  • All contact lens appointments are with our experienced Optometrists

For enquiries and appointments, call us today on 0207 353 4455 , email us at or book an appointment online.

Fleet Street Clinic is a multi-disciplinary practice offering a full range of medical services. If you  want to use one of our many other services (from seeing a private GP to having an eye test), please contact us , or book online.


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