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Corporate Eye Care

Whitby & Co offer a corporate eye care scheme. We work closely with you to ensure a high-end quality service, taking care of your employees’ eyes, and helping to  maximise productivity.

We have extensive, specialist experience of helping computer users to resolve problems: employers can be completely confident that our advice and service will always be objective and dependable.

Whitby & Co Corporate Eye Care Services

As part of our corporate eye care service, we provide:

  • Formal computer and display reports for employers and all the documentation needed to cover their legal obligations
  • Special corporate rates and attractive discounts for you and your staff
  • Referrals and quick access to our specialists if needed, or we offer a referral to the individual’s own GP if preferred
  • Simplified accounting: all costs are presented in a single monthly account meaning there is no guesswork for your accounts department

Whitby & Co: not just an Opticians

Whitby & Co. has over 20 years of experience of delivering high-end corporate care for our clients. As part of 29 Fleet Street and the Fleet Street Clinic we have access to the full resources of highly-qualified, passionate doctors and nurses under the same roof, should your staff require further treatment, help or advice.

To speak to a member of our dedicated corporate team about setting up a corporate account, please call us on 020 7353 4455. We’d love to tell you more about our credentials.

Fleet Street Clinic is a multi-disciplinary practice offering a full range of medical services. If you  want to use one of our many other services (from seeing a private GP to having an eye test), please contact us , or book online.


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