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Lindberg Designer Glasses

Whitby & Co opticians are authorised partners of Lindberg,  an award-winning Danish eyewear brand.

Renowned for their minimalist, sleek appearance, Lindberg frames are crafted by hand and offer exceptional comfort and style.

Henrik Lindberg, owner says: “Every LINDBERG design is a determined statement about aesthetics, technical innovation and impeccable craftsmanship”.

Whitby & Co offer a wide range of Lindberg glasses to choose from including:

Lindberg Air Titanium

Lindberg Air Titanium Glasses Whitby & Co Opticians London

Lindberg Air Titanium Frames are the world’s first rimless titanium frames. With no screws or soldering, these frames offer a minimalist aesthetic and ultra-lightweight comfort, making the air titanium frame an instant modern eyewear classic.

Lindberg Designer Glasses Whitby & Co London Opticians

Whitby & Co

If you would like to try the Lindberg frames, you can visit Whitby & Co at our friendly practice in the heart of London. We are open Monday – Fridays,  9am – 5.30pm at 29 Fleet Street, London.

Call us today on 020 7353 4455 or email info@whitbyonline.com

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