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Same Day Services

Did you know at Whitby & Co. we offer same day services? Our same day services provide convenience for existing and new patients… Walk in Appointments Sight Tests and Contact Lens Checks Contact lens collection Emergency appointments Quick repairs and adjustments Same day glazing Professional advise on what frame suits you Our team at Whitby […]

Preventing Digital Eye Strain

Every aspect of our daily lives have been completely impacted by technology, from socialising to working, even down to ordering food in a restaurant, we are transfixed to a screen of some kind. As a consequence of modern living, the demands on our eyes have never been greater. Not so long ago, staring at a […]

Whitby & Co – finding the best spectacle frames for you

At Whitby & Co, we stock a wide range of designer glasses and specialist frames, in a variety of styles and sizes. Our experienced dispensing optician staff are able to advise you on selecting the best spectacle frames for your lifestyle and budget. With glasses being an outward expression of individual style, it is key […]

How to Avoid Eye infections In Contact Lens Wearers

According to the Association of Optometrists, approximately, 9% of UK adults wear contact lenses. It’s no wonder they are popular as they provide a convenient and comfortable alternative to spectacles.  But while there are many positives to contact lenses, contact lens wearers are at a higher risk of eye infections if they do not clean […]

Prevent falls by looking after your spectacles

According to a report published this month by the Royal College of Physicians, there are more than 240,000 reported falls in hospitals in England and Wales every year. Consequences include hip fractures (more than 3000 every year) and serious head injuries, often complicated by long hospital stays, and even death. The risk is highest among […]

How to Spot Myopia

Myopia (near-sightedness) is a condition that is becoming more prevalent globally. Research has shown that due to people spending more time on screens and fewer hours spent outdoors, eyesight will continue to worsen around the world. If you’re concerned about this common eye condition and want to find out more; how to spot myopia, how […]

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